Statistics indicate that most people do not like their jobs. Even individuals who have a degree that works with a reputable company would love the idea of establishing their own business. Even though starting an online business has its own sets of cons and pros, most online business owners can agree that the pros far outweigh the cons. If you are on the fence about the possibility of starting your own online business, this article is for you. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and advantages you stand to gain if you decide to create your own online business. 

Time is the most invaluable commodity we have. Life is short and every moment should be spent doing what you want on your own terms. Contrary to popular belief the process of establishing your online business is very time-consuming in the initial stages. However, once you have actually built your business, you only need a small amount of time throughout your day to maintain it and keep it running. This, in essence, will give you an abundance of freedom in retrospect to time, which will allow you to pursue different hobbies and activities you wouldn’t otherwise pursue as a result of the abundance of time that most 9-5 jobs require. 

By establishing a web-based business it can provide financial freedom. Unlike a traditional job where you have a set amount of income that you are able to earn, owning your own business means there is literally no limits to the amount of income that you can earn. This in essence will allow you to purchase items you wouldn’t be able to otherwise due to the income restraints of your job as well as to allow you to have peace of mind knowing that you are in control of your income and that you don’t have to subjugate yourself to the authority of other people in order to maintain it.

Having a traditional job means that you need to remain within close proximity of said job so that you can commute to it back and forth on a daily basis. If you plan to take a vacation out of state, the requirements of your job may force you to limit the amount of time you spend on said vacation. One of the most beautiful aspects of having a web-based business is that you can conduct it from anywhere in the world. All that you need is an internet connection and your laptop. As such, you can bring your business with you where you want to go. 

When someone works for 8 hours a day, they not only allocate 8 hours of their time towards their shift, they allocate an additional 2-3 hours of their time as a result of showering, eating and commuting beforehand. Not only is commuting to and from your job time consuming, but it also adds to your overall expenses as well. This in itself has led to an abundance of stress in the workplace, especially if you typically get caught in traffic before/after work. You also risk getting into an accident, each and every time you go to work as well. When you are your own boss, the word “commute” eventually becomes a foreign concept as you will be able to conduct your work from the luxury of your home. 

Another big misconception about running your own business is that you will have to pay more taxes. However, as an entrepreneur, your expense deductions can lower your overall tax rate. For instance, the amount of electricity you use to run your business can be listed as a tax-deductible as well as any supplies you may use, a portion of your home you allocate to running your business and any expenses you have to commit to, in order for you to keep your business running. In fact, statistics indicate that small business owners may experience 5%-15% lower tax rates than W2 earners. 

Over time, an online business can be developed to the point where it provides a stable, semi-auto piloted source of revenue. As a matter of fact, there are several avenues you can approach to creating a business that leads to six figures per year. Statistics also demonstrate that Social Security’s reserves will run dry by 2033. As such, the younger generation is in a position where they need to consider alternative sources of income they could get when they hit retirement age. Alternately, instead of relying on a typical 9-5 retirement plan, an online business owner has complete control over their finical future. 

As a 9-5 employee, chances are that you are not working on projects that you are truly passionate about, but rather working on mundane tedious tasks. This may very well work out for some individuals, but most people would agree that they would rather work on something they love. The internet gives every individual the opportunity to take something an individual is passionate about and to broadcast it to the world and get paid for it. 

Before the advent of the internet, it was particularly difficult for someone in their 20s or 30s to establish a business. Lines of credits, bank loans and property leases were not easily accessible to the younger generation. Online business requires a lower financial commitment to start than a brick and mortar business. This, in essence, gives the younger and older generation the opportunity to pursue their dreams whenever they actually decide to take the action into creating their own business. 

Younger individuals in particular stand to gain the opportunity to turn into an adult quicker, due to the responsibilities that are associated with creating a business. The reality of the fact is that a business owner in their 50s has the same responsibilities and risks as someone who is in their 20s. This higher level of risks and responsibilities can help to introduce them to various life lessons and help to develop them into a more mature and balance individual much sooner. 

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Video is taking the internet by storm and this isn’t about to stop. According to MarTech, videos have the potential to hold customer’s attention on retail sites for two minutes longer than average (which is really like a lifetime in the digital world) and a well-optimized video can boost your chances of being in a top Google ranking position by at least 50. In addition, more than 80% of customers are more likely to purchase a product after seeing it detailed in a video.

Bear in mind that these are just loose statistics are going to vary depending on who you ask, but the point is that most statistics point to much higher conversion, engagement and higher SEO rankings when it comes to video.

What makes it so engaging? Because it’s personal. When people can see your face (or the face of the person promoting the brand), they are more likely to trust the entire enterprise. It’s also a wonderfully versatile content to use through different platforms.

Digital marketing professionals don’t have to know everything about video production, of course, but knowing how to create a quick intro video from your laptop is a good place to start. And if you have some training in this area and you love it, your skills and talents will not be wasted as video will continue to be in demand.

.2. SEO & SEM

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to all levels of digital marketing and as such, anyone going into the field must have at least a basic handle on it. You can certainly leave the highly technical, back-end stuff to the more technically-oriented people on the team, having a solid understanding of best practices and how to optimize all forms of content is crucial for running a successful digital marketing campaign.

Both SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) inform your entire digital strategy on both a data and content level, and you need to be able to communicate to other teammates about this, so you just won’t get far if you don’t make a point of learning the basics.


Content is the core of digital marketing and content marketing will continue to be a crucial part of the game no matter what happens. But content marketing is a huge job in itself. You have to be able to understand how to not only create high quality, SEO-friendly content of various sorts, you also have to understand how to effectively get audiences to engage.

And to make things a little more challenging, it’s important to note that content can take many forms, from video to social, emails, web content, blogs, e-books, videos, whitepapers…the list goes on. You also have to have a firm grasp on social media marketing as this will tie in to most content marketing type of work. You’ll need to be able to strategize based on a given client’s overarching business goals, develop a campaign that involves an effective strategy, and monitor analytics as well


No matter what facet of digital marketing you are going into, Google Analytics will probably be central to your strategy. Monitoring and reporting via such tools are pretty straightforward, but the tricky part is how to gather and use that information to help you learn more about consumer behaviour and apply it to new solutions that boost traffic and conversions.

Most businesses (even small ones) have huge amounts of data to track, and great digital marketers need to understand how to gather and use this to their advantage. Most companies will always be looking for people who to only know how to “read” this data, but to know exactly which data to use towards improving business strategy in the future. If you can show that you can do this in innovative ways and that the way you do it ends with important results, you’re going to be a valuable asset in the industry.


Design Thinking is a term that basically refers to a way of approaching problems from a user-centred perspective. The approach essentially encourages us to think in a human-centred way when solving large-scale complex problems.

According to The Interaction Design Foundation, there are 5 key phases to this process: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. The reason why this works so well in the digital marketing sphere is that so much of it is (or should be) centred on the user experience. Another interesting thing about this approach is that it can be used in a non-linear way – so that in some instances you may get to the testing phase and then come back to the middle phase, for instance, to re-consider ideas.

Designers and developers are likely to use an approach like this, so even if you’re not one, it’s a good idea to at least have a solid understanding of it and apply it when feasible.


Because the industry is really technology driven, you have to have a decent grip on technology as well as be able to learn it quickly. If you’re millennial-age or younger, this is probably going to be second-nature, but older generations may want to put a bit of elbow grease into teaching themselves not only specific technologies but also just getting familiar with the most commonly used software and tools in their focus area.

Generally, if you understand the basics of web coding, as well as having a clear idea of how to use the basic Content Management (CMS) systems like WordPress, you’re likely well on your way to landing that dream job.


A great digital marketing leader will not only show up with great people skills; but they’ll also be able to combine analytical thinking with creative-problem solving to help teams come up with innovative campaign ideas to drive businesses forward.

And a big part of this is being persuasive. Can you convince someone else to purchase? What about convincing other team leaders that your idea is the best? This isn’t about arguing as much as having the confidence that you know what you’re doing and showing this in detail.


As far as soft skills go, great digital marketers should be curious, enjoy versatility, forward-thinking, business-focused and strategy-centred. But there is plenty of room in this field for all kinds of personalities and skills sets. To this end, it’s important that you leverage your own unique blend in order to stay competitive in the industry.

It may, for instance, be unusual to find someone well-versed in both back-end SEO strategy as well as be able to take on a managerial role, or it may be unusual to find someone with a computing science degree that also loves social media.

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